Mario Metal Meeting 8 - Tilburg (Belgium) - 29th March 2014



On Saturday the 29th March, in the town of Tilburg, in the Netherlands, the annual metal event organized by Mario Van Dooren was held: the "Mario Metal Meeting". The headquarters of the event is the Little Devil, a pub / concert hall, very active in the music scene of this area, where only metal bands play; it doesn’t have a large stage, but it certainly compensates this lack with a warm and metalhead atmosphere. Already in the early afternoon the few outdoor tables are crowded with beers and metalheads wearing leather jackets, the Little Devil is open from 3:30 pm to give the opportunity to those who need it to cool down with a beer because of the strangely high temperature for the Netherlands in this season. The first band on stage are the Maniac Force, an old school thrash metal band with a style similar to Exodus and Kreator. They are followed by Villainy, another very interesting band from Holland that plays their own personal combination of Death, Thrash, Doom and Heavy Metal; they released their first full-length a few months ago, in January 2014 . I would have liked to see both bands play, but during their performance I was with Prematory, who have granted us an exclusive interview for the readers of ROCK AND METAL IN MY BLOOD. Luckly I saw Villainy the following weekend at the Steel Alliance Tour in Den Haag, but this is another live-report... Now let's get back to where we started. The Prematory are 5 young men from Belgium: Simon Duson (vocalist), Joeri Trescinski (bass), Jonas Van De Sande (rhythm guitar), Joeri Van De Schoot and Wuyts Thomas, respectively lead guitar and drums. Their young age could lead you to understimate them, but it would be a big mistake! They are one of the rising stars in thrash music, with full rights. They have just released their first full-length album titled "Corrupting Influence" and they are currently on tour through Belgium, Holland and Germany. Between the interview and their concert I have just enough time for a beer; the outside of the Little Devil is populated by the public of Mario Metal Meeting (including some vikings of impressive dimension) who take advantage of the technical time between a concert and the following one to relax outdoors. The notes of the instrumental song "Sledgehammer" open the concert and introduce us, gently at first and then hurriedly thanks to the guitar riffs of Joeri VDS, to the fierce and powerful atmosphere of the music of Prematory. Some minutes later I recognize the notes of the title track of their latest album. It is indeed "Corrupting Influence" with its pressing rhythm and distorted guitars that triggers the first headbanging. The room doesn’t seem to be able to contain the fast battery of the next song: "Evil Perfection". I was told that these Belgians were wild on stage, but I would have never thought so much!! They are like a river in flood, leaving you no time to breathe between one song and the next one. "Down the Drain", yet another track from their latest album, is a massive track with relentless riffs, the temperature in the room is high, and not just metaphorically. On stage the Prematory are impetuous and below the stage we are not far behind… Now it’s time for "Toxic Experiment" and "Nuclear Tsunami": a catastrophic tandem during which there is a playful attempt of pogo, but it is clear to all that the space would not be enough and within a few minutes we would crush the stage. The distorted sound of Joeri VDS’s guitar says it's time for "Thrashers for Hell". Simon leans towards the audience, his figure looming over the horde of metalheads in front of the stage, and starts a collective headbanging . "Sentenced for Life" is one of my favorite tracks, the text is intriguing, the drums of Thomas and the bass of Joeri T push us towards one of the most famous songs of the Belgian quintet, "Thrash Olympics", from their first album. It's clear by now that this stage is too narrow for them, I can see they are suffering this almost immobility dictated by the space available, especially Jonas is in a sacrificed position, but certainly he doesn’t suffer passively because of it since he has never stopped banging his head. During a rare quiet moment between one song and the next one, seeing that I'm taking pictures, he jokingly shows me his tongue and opens his eyes wide, a great portrait! We are almost at the end, "Lies upon lies" and "Insignificance" make the audience close ranks under the stage for the final assault led by the powerful voice of Simon. It is "Furor and Dementia" that ends the games, masterfully played by Prematory, a band that has fully satisfied my expectations, that were surely not low! I hope to see them again soon, maybe at Tongeren Metal Festival on 12th April when they play with Asphyx and Angel Witch. The following bands are the historic Dutch band Pentacle, that have been rocking together since 1989; they match the rhythm of black / death metal with doom's grievous sound creating a dark and odd atmosphere. The bassist and vocalist of the band is Wannes Gubbels, many of you will know him because he was the bassist and singer of Asphyx between 1997 and 2000 and then from 2007 to 2010. Despite the many years of activity, Wannes is in excellent mood and leads the audience into a frenzy. The thrashers Deadhead close the interesting event. They come from the Netherlands too, from the city of Kampen, and can boast a respectable 25 years career. In fact they also started in 1989 with Tom van Dijk (vocals, bass), Robbie Woning (guitar), Ronnie van der Wey (guitar), and Hans Spijker (drums) and it is precisely in this formation that they will perform tonight, since Tom is back to Deadhead after some years of absence, between 2008 and 2012. The concert begins with few minutes delay because of a problem with a speaker on stage, that suddenly decided not to work any longer. From the start, Deadhead step on the gas and unleash the audience who responds with energy and enthusiasm, renewing the ancient dances…

The atmosphere warms up quickly and will remain hot until the end of the concert...or at least the end of the beer….


Michele Boiero

Prematory's track list:


  • Sledgehammer
  • Corruptimg Influence
  • Evil Perfection
  • Down the Drain
  • Toxic Experiement
  • Nuclear Tsunami
  • Thrashers from Hell
  • Sentenced for life
  • Thrash Olympics
  • Lies upon lies
  • Insignificance
  • Furor and Dementia