After a long absence from the scenes, Prime Evil comes back more aggressive and determined than ever with their last album, "Blood Curse Resurrection", which was released on June 20, 2015. The historical group, which has shared the stage with Death, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel, and Sepultura, is now guided by two of its founding members, Andy Eichhorn, on the vocals and Mike Usifer, on the guitar (also lead guitar in Demolition Hammer from 1992 to 1994). We have conversed with them about the present and the past and a bit about the future. Come with us to know "The Beasts from NYC's underground metal circuit" better!

R&MIMB: Hi guys and welcome to R&MIMB! Well, your moniker is also the name of a Venom album. Coincidence or choice?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Choice on Venoms part actually. We started using the name PRIME EVIL in 1985 after naming a song I had just written. Tony Dolan liked the name so much he admitted to using it as "inspiration" for the name of the album during his brief stint with Venom in the early 90's. A few years ago we were involved in a brief legal battle with Mantas and Dolan over use of the name after they attempted to form a band under the moniker PrimeEvil. Bottom line, we hold the trademark to the name and all legal matters are settled.

R&MIMB: Since the early 90's until 2012 you didn't published new material. In 2015 you released "Blood Curse Resurrection". To what did you devote during that time?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Various members were doing other projects, completing their education, getting married, having kids, etc. In 2011 we did some reunion shows with our '88-'90 line-up which were well received. Some of the members were unable to continue due to family and job commitments, so Mike and I decided to once again forge ahead and continue with what we committed to. We released the EVILUTION EP in 2012, followed by a few mini tours into 2013. It was an honor to be back playing live, we had a blast and can't wait to get back out there!

R&MIMB: What is your objective with this album? Do you just want to play heavy and brutal music or do you have some message to carry with your music?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): The new album is very much a concept type album. All songs explore different aspects of the true evil in our world...mankind himself. We have always been an aggressive band and these compositions were formulated out of our collective disgust and rage at the human sheep that populate this planet.
: MIKE (guitars): Andy is the one with most of the lyrical ideas and concepts. I just want to write and
play interestingly evil, brutally heavy, aggressively fast, violently hostile Metal.

R&MIMB: Every song in the album has specific features, so they are different, despite lyrical themes are similar. Could you talk about the concept of the album?
PRIME EVIL: : MIKE (guitars): Basically what Andy just described in his last answer. It's about the Hell on Earth
that we currently live in?

R&MIMB: If we read the lyrics, we immediately realize that they show an in-depth knowledge about religion. Is there anybody of you particularly passionate about this theme? Who usually writes the lyrics?
PRIME EVIL: : MIKE (guitars): Lead singer Andy Eichhorn writes most of the lyrics and occasionally I'll write some. I personally can't stand religion and have nothing to do with it. Everything I have written is autobiographical.
: ANDY (vocals): Obviously we see the negative influence and oppression that subversive power has wrought throughout the ages. Of course religion has some very positive messages. It's primarily the human perversion and widespread ignorance that we mock.

R&MIMB: In "Cannibal God" the description about the demons remind us "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. Have you really been inspired by it?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): That's a very cool comparison, however no direct influence. In looking at the countless divisions within so called holy organizations, It seems that they thrive on eternal discourse. The lyrics allude to the image of an uncaring, all consuming God that eventually will not sustain itself or its creations.

R&MIMB: Reading the lyrics of "Horns of Rapture" we have noticed that some images of the theme and the cover correspond. In your opinion which are the tribulations of this earthly life?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Throughout history there have been countless sacrifices and rituals aimed at achieving their Gods' favor. Unfortunately, it seems that each century, man himself invents a new set of horrors and tribulations that the masses must endure.

R&MIMB: Regarding religion, there are many musicians who wrote lyrics considered "blasphemous" that actually hide people with a deep faith. Do you believe in something?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Speaking for myself, I went to Catholic school and it left me with a bitter and skeptical view. All I will say is that man's meager understanding of his place in the universe will not be answered for millenniums. However, I understand the need to for people to believe in something greater than themselves.
: MIKE (guitars): I believe religion is a joke. Mere fantasies based on fables propagated to control the masses. I believe in earth, nature, and myself. I believe in reality and substance.

R&MIMB: What is your usual process for writing new songs?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Someone will bring some riffs or a rough idea during rehearsal. Many times Mike will email me riff ideas. We will create a framework of a song and record for all members to take home. Once I hear the song come together I usually get a feeling or mood and start creating the lyrics to match what I hear.
: MIKE (guitars): For me, it usually starts with a riff or an idea. In the old days, I used to have to write almost everything. Now, with Andy writing music as well as lyrics, and with Rob and Billy's writing abilities, I no longer have to force writing. If I get stuck on a song, or only have a riff or two, I can bring it to everyone to collaborate on. I think our songs are much better written now because of everyone's input in the process.

R&MIMB: Mike Usifer burnt this album, so he has had a main role. Do you think it is important for a band, nowadays, to have at least one member who is good with audio engineering?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): These days it's almost a necessity to have someone who can facilitate the creative and technical crossover. Its great to get in a rehearsal space and jam but digital technology is a fantastic tool to help create music.
: MIKE (guitars): I think wanting to know how to transfer your music from live to a recording is something a lot of musicians want to know how to do. From the first time we stepped into a studio in 1986, I've wanted to learn everything about audio engineering, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. I wanted to know how to get the sound we wanted recorded. I've always hated being at the mercy of other engineers who are trying to
convey what we want. I built my own Mastering studio lab last year and I was able to Master 'BLOOD CURSE RESURRECTION' and get as close as I could to the production we wanted to achieve.

R&MIMB: Your music has a solid base of old school Thrash/Death Metal with other influences taken from Groove Thrash Metal and Black Metal. Did these influences come from your background, as musicians, or simply did you like them as listeners?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): We have always been fans first! We started this band because we were HUGE fans of the burgeoning Thrash/Hardcore scene and we still are. We as a band have always been proud to be a contributor to the underground scene since the mid 80's. We still support the scene and its great to see the old school crew as well as all the new faces at NY area metal shows! Hail!
: MIKE (guitars): We all are fans of all types of Metal: Death, Black, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Grind, Extreme, Brutal Metal as well as old school NY Hardcore. Everything we listen to influences us as musicians, so it's not a surprise that it shows in our music.

R&MIMB: Your career has deep roots in metal history. What is your opinion about the current metal scene?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): We are very pleased that it's being recognized more and more as an eternal force in music! I respect the young bands kicking ass and carrying the torch. However extreme music will always be an outsiders club, and that's fine with me.
: MIKE (guitars): I think the scene is thriving now more than ever. It seems like every band from the '80's and '90's (including ourselves!) have made a comeback and are stronger than ever. There's also a ton of new bands making great music and keeping the scene strong.

R&MIMB: What do you think about the feature of metal? How do you imagine it could be evolve?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Very interesting question. It's going to take innovation and musicianship to achieve true longevity. I have confidence those people are out there or will be. The future of metal burns bright!
: MIKE (guitars): The great thing about Metal is that it is constantly evolving (unlike most other types of music) and becoming heavier, faster, and more interesting. There are a plethora of Metal bands out there making incredible music with no end in sight.

R&MIMB: The experience of Mike Usifer and Andy Eichhorn is a fact. So, the question is addressed to you: can you hand out some advice to young guys who want to play Metal?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Learn your instrument and play what you feel, not what you think someone wants you to play. Listen to a lot of different music, not just metal. There is a great catalogue of music to inspire future metal innovators.
: MIKE (guitars): Follow Andy's advice, then; practice, practice, practice on your own. Then; rehearse, rehearse, rehearse together as a band. Repeat those two steps over, and over, and over again forever.

R&MIMB: Which role has Extreme Metal Music in your everyday life?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): Pretty much drives me forward every step of the way. Either on CD or playing in my head....metal is a life force.
: MIKE (guitars): I play it; I write it; I listen to it; I record, mix, edit, master, and produce it. I breathe it; I bleed it; I spread it? I live it.

R&MIMB: Have you scheduled a tour to promote your album, especially outside USA?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): We are very anxious to travel abroad and perform one of these days. However digital media and on line promotion is more realistic at this point.

R&MIMB: We greet you wishing you success for your album. Could you greet Italian friends who follow R&MIMB and affirm this sentence in few words: "Music is a reason of life"?
PRIME EVIL: : ANDY (vocals): There is an unspeakable feeling of music literally running through your veins!! Music is an undeniable essence of life! Thank you! Horns raised in respect! Honored to have been interviewed.
: MIKE (guitars): Music is my reason to live because it keeps me inspired and gets me through every day. It gets me through the tough times as well as bringing me contentment and satisfying my homicidal rage. Ciao!

Interview realized by Paolo Ferrante and Zuleika Cirio