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2011 was a "Golden year" for Italian bands, expecially for Giuliano Mazzardi's "My Graveyard Productions", that have introduced new and promising realities. Between these realities shining the Turin Walpurgis Night, thtat we have met them for you to "Revolver Club" in San Donà, where they opening for Raven, pure English Metal legend, without the least look bad in front of teachers, but demonstrating that thei can translate also on the boards of a stage personality, raised disk and, no small matter, to have already an audience that follows them with attention and affection. Know them best through the words of guitarist and founder Mark Shores.

R&MIMB: Hi Mark, please introduce the band to us and our readers...
Mark Shores: Sure! The band was born in 2009, my idea was to form an old school Heavy Metal band, with that particular kind of attitude and musical style. Since i was back from Spain, where i had just spent one year, i really didn't know about musicians in Turin, but i sure could count on Sofia as a bass player and Stefano as a drummer! Since Sofia is my sister i knew she was not playing at that time, and i knew Stefano's experience with Endovein, his previous band, had come to an end, so i was sure he would have been interested in a new project.
We started as a trio, writing our own music and trying some cover song from our favourites like Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest ecc... After a while we found Beppe as a singer, and Simone as a second guitarist.
With this line-up we did some live performances and we recorded the "Walpurgis night" demo. Simone left the band to concentrate on his studies and his substitute was our friend and Heavy Metal maniac Alex Panza. When Alex arrived the band started getting better and better, even on the live side.
Surprises for 2010 were not come to an end as we signed a contract with Giuliano Mazzardi of "My Graveyard Productions", a really unexpected opportunity for a really young band like us!
We entered the studio, from december 2010 to february 2011, to record our debut that was released on april the 30th...on Walpurgis night!
Unfortunately, right after the summer, we decided to part ways with our singer Giuseppe for several reasons, and we found in Stefano from Endovein the ideal substitute, we already did some live performances and they went down great!

R&MIMB: Listening to "Under the moonlight", your debut, what really shines is a distinctive melodic touch, do you think that since your singer left this will change the writing balance in the band?
Mark Shores: Well, in the studio we put a lot of effort into recording the guitar parts and i think it's a kind of trademark for us, we are no virtuoso for sure, but we try our very best to create beautiful musical moods that, i think, are best typified in tracks like "Castle ghoul". "The temple of anubis" and "Under the moonlight".
Since Beppe is no longer with us, this will surely change our way to write music. Our debut was mainly written by me but now we are writing much more as a team, so the style will change for sure.

R&MIMB: Are you already writing new material? Could you give us some indication about your new musical directions?
Mark Shores: Yes, we have enough riffs and pieces for another record and now we are slowly working them out in the studio to give the songs a definitive shape. During the last concerts we are playing two new songs that exemplify this new direction, much in the vein of "Castle ghoul".

R&MIMB: What really made my day is the quality of your guitar parts, the sound is really set apart from the cold modern distortions but it embraces a warm, classic tone heard at the end of the 70's and still at the beginning of the 80's. Which are the bands and the musicians that influenced Walpurgis Night the most?
Mark Shores: Well, we are surely influenced by seventies and eighties music, but we listen to any sort of good music...Heavy, Thrash, Doom, but also Blues, Hard Rock, AOR, old pop songs...the list goes on and on!
Personally speaking, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate are my biggest influence but i always try to find my own voice when i write music.

R&MIMB: You took your band name from the german band Stormwitch'infamous song. It's simply that the origin of the name or do you want to create a magical and sinister mood through your music?
Mark Shores: Actually the band takes its name from a Running Wild'song. My sister chose it while she was listening to "Gates of Purgatory" (it's a bonus track on the cd version). Anyway, we are also big fans of Stormwitch and we played their song live a couple of times.
We firmly believe that to create a certain mood through your music it's very important in a genre where almost anything has been said and done, so that's a pivotal part of our sound.

R&MIMB: The actual Italian scene, thanks to heroic characters like Giuliano Mazzardi, it seems to live in a state of grace, what's you thought? How do you relate our scene to the european and international ones?
Mark Shores: Well, you said it right, Giuliano is a hero and he should be sanctfied! He's surely pivotal for a lot of bands that, like us, want to make their voice to be heard!
Talking about the italian scene, it's difficult to collocate it, the main scene for hard 'n'Heavy now is Sweden, so it's difficult for an italian band to get its place in the spotlight...anyway, i can say we don't lack quality and i think that someone in Spain and Germany, for example, is starting to notice that, since some italian name is starting to appear on festivals bills.
Let's say that: in the worst case, in a few years we will have in our record collections some more good quality italian albums.

R&MIMB: Walpurgis Night's bass player is your sister Sofia, a passion for Metal born in the family?
Mark Shores: Yes, she was the one who led me to this musical world and to suggest me the first bands to listen. My father grew up with the great classics, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc., but he never tried to pass me his passion for Rock music that grew on me anyway. There's always been a lot of music in our home and i think this led us to play musical instruments...anyway, if i didn't discover Heavy Metal i would have been a Beatles copycat since that was the only band i used to listen to, haha!

R&MIMB: I know you have already been playing abroad. Let's talk about that experience?
Mark Shores: Yes, we played in Spain at Heavy Metal Espectros of Murcia, and in Germany at Raging Death Date. Both experiences were amazing! These events are really different from the ones in Italy...they are so much better organized and there's so much more respect and recognition for the bands.

R&MIMB: Which are your next live dates?
Mark Shores: October the 21th with Sacred Steel in Milan, and then January the 13th in Milan and January the 14th in Turin with Ruler and Résistance. These days we are making programs for November, so follow us on our Facebook page.

R&MIMB: Something missing in the italian Metal scene of the 80's was a true spirit of collaboration, do you think this attitude has finally changed?
Mark Shores: I really don't know?i think that in the end every band minds its own business...with some exception, there are bands with whom i like to play, or i just like to go to see them play live and drink some beer with...there i can see that spirit of collaboration you're talking about.

R&MIMB: Thanks a lot Mark, it's time to say goodbye to the readers of R&MIMB!
Mark Shores: Thanks a lot for this interview, i salute all the readers of R&MIMB.

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