Rock & Metal In My Blood is proud to present its exclusive interview to Gus G, one of the most representative and most influencial Heavy Metal guitarists of the new millenium. Enjoy his words with us!

R&MIMB: Hello Gus! Fearless, without fear. What made you choose a title like that?
Gus G: The original title was "Scared Shitless" but someone suggested it's too negative, so we decided to go for something else.
Kidding aside, it's like a mantra, a way of life for me. You need to stand on your own 2 feet and go after your dreams, the things you want to do. We only get one shot

R&MIMB: A song like "Mr. Manson" textually reminds us of Ozzy's "Mr. Crowley". Did you take inspiration from the Madman's masterpiece?
Gus G: Musically, not really as you can hear. The riff I had was closer to N.I.B. When I sent the demo to Dennis Ward, I told him it was inspired by Sabbath, so he came up with the lyric for Mr Manson.

R&MIMB: Why did you choose to talk about Charles Manson? What impressed you the most?
Gus G: Well, Mr Crowley and Perry Mason were already taken, so we had to do Manson. ?
Honestly, I didn't write any lyrics to this, so I'm not the one to talk about it. However, the Manson murders is still a very spooky and horrifying story. What an insane person that was, somehow he created this cult. Some might say it was too long ago, but at the same time he's managed to stay relevant.

R&MIMB: Why did you choose to cover Dire Straits? And why in particular "Money for Nothing"? What does this song mean to you?
Gus G: It was my wife's idea! I was making a list of songs I'd possibly like to cover and she suggested this. I thought it was a great idea, as nobody had really done a more "modern" version of it. I love the riff of course, a classic Rock guitar riff. It was lots of fun to redo it.

R&MIMB: How did the fellowship with Will Hunt come about? When did you guys meet up for the first time?
Gus G: We met at the Frankfurt Messe in 2017. I was on tour w/ Steve Stevens and staying at a hotel that Will happened to stay at. We met at the hotel bar and hung out, shared tour stories. After that, I thought about asking him to play on the album. It was simple as that.

R&MIMB: Can you tell us about your choice of Dennis Ward as singer? How come you recruited him?
Gus G: Me & Dennis have been writing songs together the past couple of years. We did the latest Firewind album "Immortals" and after that I just kept sending him riffs for my new solo album. I wasn't sure how I wanted to do this album, but we ended up co-writing another 8-9 songs. It felt natural to have him sing on the album, since he did all the demos with his vocals and wrote all voca lines.

R&MIMB: The sound of Fearless is incredibly granitic, simpler and more immediate than your previous work but more incisive and powerful, thanks to the unmistakable touch on bass and drums. Did you want Will and Dennis in the project because their particular experiences as musicians make them ideal for the sound you wanted to get? Or was it somehow a surprise to you, to feel how the sound of Fearless was born?
Gus G: Having Will and Dennis be a part of this project, I knew we'd get great sounds, cause they're both monster players and Dennis is also an amazing engineer / mixer. So, I knew what I was aiming for. The first 2 albums for me were more experimental and this time I didn't wanna fuck around. I knew what a great drummer Will was, and I'd already done an album with Dennis, so I know how powerful his productions were.

R&MIMB: Every song you have written shows both how much you have learned and assimilated from your many artistic experiences, plus your genuine personal touch. Regarding "Fearless", which of your past experiences have most influenced the album, and to what extent?
Gus G: Everything I've done so far in my career has brought me to where I am today. It wouldn't be the same without all my past experiences. So, it's hard to analyze something like that. I think my personal style has developed thru all the albums I've made and with all bands I've played with.

R&MIMB: Regarding the lyrics of the album, was it a team effort or did you leave it to the singer to put together the lyrics as in the past? And to this regard, how important is the environment that you live in as an inspiration for the topics you deal with?
Gus G: Credit for the lyrics goes to Dennis Ward. He wrote almost all of it. I contributed with some titles and a verse here and there. Usually we will talka bout the stuff I'd like the lyrics to be about, and then Dennis will go away and write a bunch of stuff and present it to me. Then I'll tell him what I like and what I don't. 95% of the time he's spot on, we've never had to argue about lyrics so far.

R&MIMB: What are the novelties of the album you consider most important for your growth as a musician? I mean, beyond the public's perception, what are the elements of "Fearless" that you think have left you something on a personal level?
Gus G: I want to believe this album was the next logical step in my musical growth. I wanted this album to define who I am as a solo artist. Sometimes the public's opinions can mess with your mind about who you are and what you should be, but I try to stay focused and do what I like to do. I guess that's part of the philosophy of being Fearless.

R&MIMB: In the early 2000s many people started understanding your music, soon saying that you are one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Later on you've been appreciated by almost all the most important Heavy Metal musicians. How did you live with that responsibility? And how was playing with such milestones of Hard & Heavy music?
Gus G: I just always tried to give my best to the fans and to my colleagues that I shared the stage with.
It's been a long road for sure. I still practice my instrument and try to get better at my craft.

R&MIMB: During your outstanding career you've always been faithful to the "Heavy Metal" school, playing different genres but never leaving that music. What does Metal mean to you? When and how did you get into it?
Gus G: The sound of Rock and Metal was a revelation to me since I was a kid. From listening to The Eagles, Pink Floyd, to heavier things like Metallica, GNR, Sabbath, etc. These were sounds of my upbrining. And of course the Greek folk music. But I never felt attracted to it. The sound of a rock guitar was what caught my ear. I decided early on to dedicate my life to that, it just made me feel good and made me dream away. I think lots of people will relate to what I'm saying.

R&MIMB: And speaking of sound, I noticed that lately you've switched to Jackson guitars ... Would you mind giving us an overview of your gear, you know ... for the most fetishist among us!
Gus G: The past 2 years I started working on a couple of new guitars with legendary brand Jackson. My custom made guitars are built by Mike Shannon, he made Randy Rhoads' guitars, amongst other great players. It's basically a continuation of the star shape I've played for years, similar specs as always, with my own signature pickups (made by Seymour Duncan). You can check more detailed info here:

R&MIMB: When you were 18 you left your country to follow your dream to become a great musician. You've obviously succeeded in it. Would you suggest to any young dreamer to do the same? How was that experience?
Gus G: What worked for me, doesn't mean it'll work for everybody. This was just my own path. I'd suggest to every young dreamer to follow their instinct, their gut feeling and to work harder than everyone else. Work on your sound, your style, dream big, but make a plan and try to achieve it step by step. There's many little factors that will play role into the bigger picture. Build your empire, stone by stone. And don't be in a hurry?.you got time! The music business is mainly a patience game.

R&MIMB: And now for an alternative question. Before you go to bed, what book do you have on your bedside table?
Gus G: I don't read books haha?.I watch a bit tv and that's it.

R&MIMB: Hoping to see you play in Italy soon, tell us about the musicians that will accompany you during your tours in the United States and Great Britain.
Gus G: I hope to come back to Italy soon too! I'll have Dennis Ward on bass & vocals on the whole world tour and Patrick JOhanson on drums in the US. For the UK tour we will probably have a new drummer which I cannot reveal yet, but we hope to announce him soon.

R&MIMB: Finally, how about a message for the readers of "Rock & Metal in My Blood"?
Gus G: Thanks for reading this my friends! See u soon!