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After taking a lot of blows in the teeth while listening to the debut ("The Seal of Madness") released in April this year, the second move of the gray fox's writing was to go see them on stage, where the sweat fall is synonymous with great determination and where the truth comes to light. Raped for good during the "Maelstrom Metal Fest" in Ferrara, in the heart of their city, from pure masochistic I told the Revolver Club of San Dona di Piave, where our opening for the legendary Raven. The end result of these two Live as you understood it was exciting, the band moves at ease and makes it scary, amplifying all the energy and power that the CD releases, and if I have to give points to the two exhibitions, the first in that has got the better of Ferrara. The third move is the most easy to understand ... It 'time to learn more about these five lunatics who, with their speed / power metal clearly inspired ottantiana has overwhelmed this poor old man!

R&MIMB: Hi Reno... Let's start with a classic, and maybe annoying, but obbligatory question: tell us about Asgard and the story of the band...
Reno (Asgard): Hi Maurizio! Don't worry, answering questions about the band is never annoying! Asgard were born in the summer of 2004 (that was the moment i joined the band, even if Mace and the two Penoncinis were already playing togheter as a band). The name of the band was chosen when we were still kids with a great passion for the Edda of Snorri, and we were trying to make as much noise as possible in a town with possibly no metalhead around. We started very early to write our own songs, even if the first shows were mostly made by cover songs. Around 2005-2006 a young and talented drummer named Giacomo Bazzani joined the band, but he left in 2007 to be replaced by the ultrasweaty Rudy Mariani with whom we recorded some demo tracks and, in 2011, our first album, "The Seal of Madness".

R&MIMB: Let's talk about this bones crushing record, the sleeve was conceived by Mace and his sick mind, what can you tell us about that? Do those SM letters on the car plate refer to Seal of madness?
Reno (Asgard): Exactly. Mace is the mind behind that, and because of that sleeve he's receiving a lot of accolades but also several death threats... It all happened one day after rehearsals, Mace turned to me saying that, even if no one knew, he's a good illustrator; since we had no money we decided to trust him and some weeks later he came with a black & white drawing of what became the definitive sleeve. Yes, the car plate says SM, how the hell did you notice that?!? I think that in an earlier version the plate said something like HM ASG SM, but only Mace could answer that.

R&MIMB: Drum parts have been recorded by Luca Magni, why ?
Reno (Asgard): Luca Magni is a dear friend of ours that works in the studio where we rehearsal in Ferrara, and this is mostly the reason why he recorded the drum parts. All the rest was recorded by the great Simone Mularoni in San Marino, where we will record our second album for sure.

R&MIMB: Inside the booklet we can find the lyrics, an amazing centerfold (!!!) and the final thanks list... It's written so small i did barely read it, but came to my attention your love for Jagermaister, Montenegro, Lambrusco (you drink too much, man!)... And Dave Mustaine!!
Reno (Asgard): Ahah! I'm a feticist for Jager, Montenegro and Lambrusco! Thank you for not commenting the centerfold... It's terrible. I'm sorry but we had a problem printing the booklet, this will be fixed in the second edition... So, if you have this first edition one day you could be rich by selling this rarity!

R&MIMB: After the first three songs i almost collapsed and the album went on hitting me relentlessy, i don't want to analize every song, but i think we should spend some words about Simone Mularoni and the great job he did, right?
Reno (Asgard): Absolutely! Simone Mularoni is simply a magician when it comes to record production and his ability heavily influenced the final result. He's a real pro and a musical genius (and I suppose he has a big cock too, but who knows...). Once he stopped Alby while he was recording a guitar part because, without even looking, he understood he was holding the pick the wrong way... By a millimeter!! We were amazed and we asked him to have some group sex with all of us, but he refused...

R&MIMB: How is the record selling? Not only in Italy...
Reno (Asgard): Luckily the record is selling good, the first printing is almost sold out and we are preparing a second printing that probably will have a new booklet and some bonus tracks. Giuliano (boss of My Graveyard records) is receiving a lot of requests for our record from several foreign countries and expecially from Japan. When we supported Vicious Rumors in Germany one week ago, our merchandise went sold out and a lot of Germans already owned the album, we are really happy about that.

R&MIMB: A high quality debut album that is a bright hope for the future, do you already have some new songs ready or are you just enjoying this moment?
Reno (Asgard): We already have some new songs ready and we are working on some others, we would like to have the new album out in 2012.

R&MIMB: Let there be sweat!!! Kicking ass with new live dates?
Reno (Asgard): Well, after the support slot for Raven, in October we'll be playing the Made in Hell festival in Livorno with Sacred Steel, Etrusgrave, National Suicide and Axevyper; then we'll fly to Athens to open for Crimson Glory, then some other italian dates and so on... Let's be kept updated through Facebook!

R&MIMB: Time to say goodbye, let Reno do the talking !!
Reno (Asgard): Thank you so much Maurizio and thank you Rock & Metal in My Blood! It's been a pleasure! Hope to see you soon to get wasted with some good Lambrusco! Until then, I thank you for this opportunity and for all the things you do for the heavy metal scene! Underground music scene needs this kind of things!!!